Harvest Motel

Country Life in the Country House


Comfort & Relaxation

All our rooms are equipped by default with the following amenities:

King Room

One king bed, desk, microwave, refrigerator, recliner chair and WiFi.


One king bed, desk, conversation nook, microwave, refrigerator and WiFi.

Double Queen Room

Two queen beds, microwave, refrigerator and WiFi.


Everything You Need


Free parking for all customers in a safe and easy to reach area. The designated place is supervised with surveillance cameras for your peace of mind.


Hot Tub

Warm and clean seating 6 people

Continental Breakfast

Limited morning breakfast from 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM including coffee, juice, milk, cereal, bread, bagels. and pastries 

SCHEDULE: 05:30 AM – 9:30 AM

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Laundry and Ice Machine

Coin operated single washer with two dryers, ice machine located in same area.

Outside Seating

We have plenty of outside seating to welcome you and your family to come lounge around.

PHeasant hunting

Our community continues to welcome a lot of great people coming from all over to be together, bond, and make memories in doing what they love.

yuma fair

Yuma Fair Grounds

The Yuma County Fair provides our county with an opportunity to unite and share in the fruits of our labor, our friendship and our community.

old threshers

Old Threshers

The Old Threshers story is unequaled in its growth in nearly 4 decades of existence. From the thoughts and wishes of an interested farmer, the annual Old Threshers day has evolved from a small neighborly demonstration to a spectacular three day event.

car orphanage-2

The orphanage

Not only does The Orphanage exhibit cars, it also exhibits the works of local, and regional artists.